I Don't Always Shave with Luxury Products, But When I Do...

There are only two options.

Kiss My Face moisture shave

Wait a minute, isn't that just $5, from the supermarket? Lol, maybe. I like how, when I had dreams of being a big-time flea marketer, and it was only available at the co-op, I went to the trouble of setting up a wholesale account -- only to find the stuff cheaper online. And now this! Regardless of my sore feelings, I don't think this liquid cream has ever irritated my face.

Water itself wouldn't correct the dreaded hyperosmotic effect of glycerin, so I'll attribute it to an absence of sodium. Or botanical witchcraft. (Could it be... fiber?) The laziness of not having to load my brush with anything but water, combined with the super-smelliness, are what make it luxurious, in my mind.

Italian Barber Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin

Still making the other artisans look ridiculous. Ultimately, the truth is economic, and simple: shaving soap doesn't cost sixty dollars... twenty dollars... or even ten dollars. $3.75 at the time of writing for Sandalwood... the Italians have not only solved that problem, but additionally figured out that my face didn't need a suppository.

Compare Pre de Provence No. 63, a factory soap trying to compete with the artisanal model by souping up. It doesn't work: irritating as hell, makes a DE shave feel like a cartridge. I tried again this morning -- wish it didn't smell so nice!

What would a constipated face look like? Dry and full of shit... don't expect the market to change any time soon!

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  1. Tried the Dove again... actually, not irritating in the sense implied here, inflaming the skin during the shave. So there's that. It's a weird one, though: detergent based, very dry, numbing, like Ivory. I guess I could use it to juggle the moisturizing of the others!