Rimei Comeback

The Slim can do everthing the Travel Tech does, and ever since a comment by Mr. Gatza, I've been curious about trying my new tricks with a Rimei, which was my first DE. So I made a space in the cabinet and stole an RM2003 cutting head back from my wife (who never tried it), loaded it with a Wilkinson Sword, and attached my unused Razorock (Mission) handle. I'd really like some smart cookie to sell them this way. Best of both worlds (Pakistan/India and China).

With such a thin cutting head, the overall length is short enough for me, just a hair longer than BD177. 

As for the shave: not bad at all! There's something really satisfying about how that razor crunches through the hair. A little flex, I think, makes the difference between that and a real Tech. After so long, I definitely noticed the blade reveal, so I didn't push it, and stopped with sliding ATG after two passes. We'll have to have an ATG showdown with Chaoying, someday soon.

I've been using my old Bestshave.net No. 6, too. (I had a synthetic before that, I think, but gave it away.) It re-developed some funk in disuse, which is kind of disturbing; some kind of slow rot. Smells better after a week using, but could still be headed for the rubbish.

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