Stirling Spring

Batting .500 in "following own advice," I face lathered some Stirling Coconut over a prep of Noxzema and Shave Secret. I wasn't just being a lazy dum-dum, either. I felt I needed some of the artisanal glycerin today. It's a pretty unusual feeling for me (though I shaved probably a year straight on Stirling) so I think I better take some time to figure it out.

Two things I know are going on with my skin right now, in this week after tax returns: the addition of astringent witch hazel to my routine, in one form or another; and the full return of cholesterol-based vitamin D metabolism. I sense the skin as being kind of oily, too dense or thick somehow, and deprived of oxygen. It's kind of like the difference between muscle relaxation and rigor mortis. Both coincide with an absence of inflammation. Like the fire line analogy I've drawn previously, the spark of life is another kind of controlled burn.

If D tells the granular layer to die off, but I'm still sending nothing but "dry" signals through my post shave, I think that does add up to a dormant state. And the skin was very relaxed after drydown today, sensitive only in the good way, of having active nerve endings. (I.e., the way that makes sense in plain English.)

Come on, glycerin can't be THAT dangerous!

The organism as a whole has been horribly lazy this week, I have to say. I do like to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the preceding week was stressful, but it's more than tiredness. I thoughtlessly self-weaned from D supplements before that; still, I have to wonder if my adrenal glands are doing alright. The March lion is now lying around in the sun all day, craving nocturnal violence. Perhaps it is nature's way.

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