Que Sera Serum

Mixing pumpkin and aqueous witch hazel didn't seem to do jack for hair softening, so I mixed baking soda and aqeueous witch hazel. It was pretty good. Can't beat that baking soda for prying the hair open. But the keratin has to be made pliable in its circumference, too, when you're a wiry-haired goat like me. Pumpkin juice is ideal, but witch hazel is strong with the Force.

Oh, yes: I am implying that lamellar reorganization applies to hair, just like it does to the horny layer of the skin. Actually, there is still a small amount of alcohol in this dollar tree stuff, which is inherently dehydrating, and may be obscuring the potency of gallic acid. Could that justify paying more than $1? Hm... I'll have to think long and hard (buy Williams!) on that. I'd rather one of you test it for me, and post in the comments.

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