Skin In Charge

It didn't take long for my face to take a liking to the WTG approach. I tried a lazy two-pass today, and my hand was stopped more than once by bad vibes ATG. The so-called "muscle memory" has been re-written once again.

The Merkur blade doesn't seem like its special temper is making it last, either. Considering the decreased use I got from Isreali Personnas, I think my beard might be kryptonite to Swedish steel. I think I'll send it back to its home razor and see if it recuperates.

My shave is not as even as yesterday's, though closer in most places. I just wasn't happy with the evening stubble, a little too sharp to the touch. But my skin knows what it wants now, and there's no undoing it.  As soon as it dried down, today, it was relaxed, after Stirling lather and pumpkin-witch hazel astringent (rinsed). I only applied the Lime Sec to the periphery of the shaving area, on my neck.

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