The Greatly Anticipated Merkur Blade

When I recycled the box to the Merkur 1904 OC, I couldn't remember what I did with the included Merkur blade. I heard something fall into the recycling bin, but I couldn't find it. I thought I put it in the bathroom cabinet, but it wasn't there. It was actually hiding in a plain wrapper, vertically alongside an upright in my little oval shaving box -- exactly where it was supposed to be, basically.

They say, the way-overpriced blades that come with rebranded Weishi's are Merkur blades, and justify it by saying they're ice-tempered. Also, I think I've read from people who don't seem to know how to shave that they're awfully rough. Which means: likely to be smooth for me. So I expected great things. In the razor it came with, it seemed to have good traction, but with hardly any skin contact, that was hardly a fair test.

Today I promoted it to the Rimei, and got a really good shave in two passes. Not bitey or squidgy, but still very catchy; able to penetrate follicles, smooth, but still able to pull out. It's like Astra went to college. But it's been awhile since I tried one of those, too, since finding I could milk Personnas for a month. I do tend to like "platinum" blades, though, and this one's off to a great start. If they remain locked up in marketing prison, my opinion will be of little import. I could only hope to be the first to happen upon them when they go on clearance.

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