No Pressure

Wow, did my face take a nosedive! Nothing anybody else would have noticed, but you know what a severe critic I am of my own dermis, when I can actually see it. As perfectly dermaplaned as the Sensor left me, I recognized its contribution to a skin texture both distressed and abraded.

Fairly certain that I never wanted to shave with cartridges or disposables again, I turned to the shelter of the Merkur 1904 OC. Mr. Hansford also gets credit for alerting me to the special shaving character of this gentle, open comb razor. When tightened down, which is how I use it exclusively, the first pass doesn't even make skin contact. Second pass is fairly steep for me, but almost Weishi gentle -- well-guarded, but with the serration-like aggression of the open comb. If I want a close shave, I have to fight for it. But if I see some dry flakes on the skin surface, as I did today, I know it's because I used hand soap for preshave.

I wonder what my face would look like if I hadn't ever peeled myself with the Sensor, years ago, or the shims (I'd certainly still have that piece of my lip), or the devette, when I was doing that. I infer from the incidence of my least favorite platitude that slant razors fall into the same threat category. Is that the final crusade/jihad, the ultimate plan that the glycerin-industrial complex has for me?

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