Almost Forgot Aftershave

The Merkur 1904 Open Comb made its strongest bid for rulership of the cabinet today, handling the dulling Merkur blade that my face rejected in the Rimei yesterday.

It was an extra mindful shave, as my cognition played catch up with the instinct to preserve my skin. First pass lathered up dry, so I took the special option this razor provides, of not allowing the blade to touch skin, on reduction. What I'm now calling "XTG" is whatever minimal change in direction and/or skew allows the razor to catch hair again, but still trying to shave WTG; I criss-crossed a second pass doing that, with a third pass where the blade was loosened slightly. A rare fourth pass consisted of skimming on water, and much of that was properly ATG.

But the principle, in defiance of "progressive reduction," to simply catch more hair with no additional aggression, still applied. I was going to try to simulate a straight razor with a low pitch to finish, but I caught myself before making that error, yet again. The dull blade needed a moderate angle, where less skin tension (but high velocity) still managed to cut hair.

It's a pretty shady CCS, but my skin approves. The impressive thing was being able to walk away without astringent, having only used jojoba and Williams. I merely noticed, "Hey, my face is kinda tight," after five minutes, recognizing that numb, Ivory-like feeling. So I hit it with pumpkin and witch hazel to get the soap off, and went back later for moisturizer.


I planed my feet! Yep, soaking in water alone never did slough much off, and I didn't feel like wasting pumpkin juice, so I hypocritically went after the rough edges of my sole with that old BiC. I know the Clog-Pruf would have been more efficient, but I don't think that's really a good thing, in exfoliation. And, I really just wanted to kill the BiC.

My planned YouTube debut is being delayed by a persistent zit. That thing must have been full-thickness! It is going away, slowly, but the problem is, it never erupted. Also busy, I've only made one feeble attempt to fold a chicken-wings box into a camera platform, which went directly to recycling. New ETA: second week of May.

Pumpkin juice and witch hazel, U.S.P., 50:50 was not a self-clarifying solution. I stuck a coffee filter cone into the bottle that I poured it into to catch anything that might clog the sprayer, but the solution remains a cloudy suspension of God-knows-what. It isn't rotting, that's for sure. I use it after shaving and at bedtime, as I used to apply the pumpkinsicle, and it works better in those roles. I still need the ice for full extraction of sebaceous filaments, and hair softening serum. Both of those procedures are less frequently needed now, however.

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