The Prize

Farewell to history. Begone, politics. Onward! To the bathroom, where freedom and justice reign. Eyes on... the mirror. ;-)

Today I shook my kabuki over my palm, depositing a solid blanket of bentonite, which I then mixed with a snurdle of Noxzema, estimated for a thin coat over the beard area. It occurred to me as I was doing this that bentonite might be expected to attract ions pretty extremely, and would this melt my face off? But it actually made it milder. Not as tacky to the NMF, it seemed as I applied oil, whereas hair seemed more eager to erect in the presence of the salts that were exchanged. I think the carbamide odor made an early appearance, too.

I kept with my pumpkin serum anyway, as that was the first thing I prepared, and indeed, the hair spruced up even further. With a fully-worn blade, it was a close shave all the way, with pleasant traction holding the edge to the skin, but cutting like butter. Touch testing revealed that I'm starting to miss just a bit at the jaw corners, but the clay persisted to a powdery finish.

There is absolutely no question that cold cream is the correct phase for its addition, but it's probably time to change blades. I screwed around too much with other razors this time to make an exact calculation, but looks like the Astra SS made it into the 20's, anyway.

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