Less Drama Please

Going to the hospital to visit some old friends today, whose son Willie, while visiting the same swimming pool I go to, had a seizure and aspirated vomit. In other news, my father-in-law just had a successful double bypass -- blockage caught by testing, but still. All this happening in the dead of winter. Everyone needs to take a Vitamin D pill, and just cut it out, right now! Maybe I can pitch my bentonite clay remedy to Willie's dad while I'm there. He's one of those gluten-free people.

For a mundane, eventless shave, I chose my Dove cream, and actually gained some NMF, now only partially chipped. A heavy splash of Florida Water should keep the bad voodoo (and hospital germs) off of me. In return for their consideration, I actually took a shower before shaving, and skipped all other prep. Super Speed and a well-worn Astra SS: doesn't get any simpler than this.


Young William looked well enough... for a teenager on a respirator. I admire his parents for holding together as well as they are, their faith placed securely in modern medicine, and doctors' assurance that he will be able to breathe independently in the end. You could see his eyes focus intermittently. He has gripped his grandfather's hand tightly, in order to keep him in the room. With me, he was just like, "who are you again?" and back to sleep -- if he was actually awakened at all.

Rushing to my son's basketball practice this morning, Dove Expert Shave and the Super Speed came through again, finally solidifying my stratum corneum. Best of all, it was a totally clean shave, BBS. I've become completely at ease with the cream's lack of cushion, like I used to be finishing on Stirling's clay-and-oil feuled slickness. This is even thinner. I wouldn't even call it a "residue" on the third pass; just slick water. I rinsed, moisturized, and was out the door -- no splash required.

I guess this is how actually knowing what the chemicals of the NMF are, and applying them directly to the formula of the shaving cream, pays off. The thinner that shaving medium is, when you finally get down to direct ATG, the closer the result. It's a crying shame they couldn't see a way to continue marketing this. You can still pick it up on Amazon, I see, though not at the larcenous price I found at Big Lots.


  1. First let me express my gratitude that the serious health issues of your father in law and friend seem to be working out for the best. It is times like these that we should be thankful for the blessings shown those we know and love. I sincerely hope they continue to show improvement.

    The slick "residue" shave is one that I have come to appreciate just this past week. Using a Weishi 9306F with a Red persona blade I found that using a melted mixture of Van Der Hagen deluxe with one tablespoon of Cremo Cream produces a wonderful wet slickness for my clean-up pass. Just wetting my fingertips and moistening the skin brings out the slickness of Cremo Cream that allows for a very comfortable shave. The VDH deluxe has enough moisturizers that my skin feels smooth and soft after the shave. Finishing up with Clubman's and Nivea moisturizer tops it off. Makes for a wonderful, smooth shave!

  2. Congrats on the shave, and FIRST COMMENT! YAY! I'm all for the residue, so long as it holds water. I think I'll try bentonite + cold cream as a "shaving paste" when it's safe for me to try something crazy again.

    🔜Willie's giving them hell now, trying to pull out his tubes.

    1. (And Dick's always been a handful. Recovery gives women one more reason to fuss over him!)