Combe and Open Comb Combo

Combe, Inc. makes Aqua Velva and Williams, but I've had BBQ with Combes right here in Williamstown. Our kids are great friends. Small world! (But no, there is no shaving tycoon here in Vermont.)

With the Ever-Ready 250D, I was not able to whip up more than protolather with the historical method given in the previous post -- or as close as I could get, using a bowl with an inch of vertical wall. I rotated the bowl/cup slowly to accommodate the larger bottom area, slapping the liquid against the side. The smart play would have been to dump that in my palm or a bowl, but I ended up just face lathering. I guess that's really what the 250D is about, despite its suggestive narrow profile. There's nothing whisk-like in its character.

The best I can suggest to show what I was talking about, from the modern selection of video, features the wrong soap and a modern-ish knot.

The keeping it loose experiment with the Merkur 1904 OC didn't go too well. I didn't get cut, but it felt risky around my mouth, and it came unscrewed a couple times on the flats. To achieve the fine adjustment I was going for, it might be necessary to place a rubber O-ring between the handle and the baseplate. But I probably won't bother, as yesterday's shave turned out to be another solid, 12-hour shave, despite the missed hairs. And today, I'm looking at chipped NMF.

Aqua Velva Musk and a drop of shaving oil on top kept things super-simple.

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