Old Tricks, New Bumps

Yesterday's shave seems to have had some consequences. An infected follicle on my neck, plus a couple more red ones, around the crease. And, though I didn't notice them until after today's shave, two whitish spots of edema (deep swelling), one on each side of my face, about the size of a zit. I'm guessing that is related to the itching I got after applying pumpkin juice, two days ago. Scarring is not the kind of "collagen" I had in mind when I put the rosewater on! Pray it goes away... oh, what the hell. For science!

Today I brought back Arko and the salty serum for a "perfect" shave. The skin surface looked better to me, but not milky, like when it is thick, by any means. Still very thin and translucent, revealing the aforementioned defects. I kind of wanted to get the Arko off of me with alum anyway, and the lack ot sting (except for that infected follicle) confirmed intact SC. I then implemented the "die-down" strategy with a splash of AV.

What's new: I worked out that it would be best to finish the shave with the Vit. D shaving oil, a single drop. Not that my skin was perfectly hydrated and plump, but I fear the glycerine could have a pumpkin juice-like inflammatory effect if applied immediately. I waited for the dry down, ten or twenty minutes later, and as with any product, the oil drop further protected me from the potential harm. One dab was quickly absorbed, not requiring any back-off.

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