The War of 1904

I bought some Israeli Personna cheap on Amazon, because I'm curious, one, and two, the American 100 pack complicates distribution to other shavers. They didn't seem any different to me, though. Not at first shave, anyway.

There were signs that could have been interpreted as more bitey: a pinprick under my lip, blotches nigh bumps near my Adam's apple. But I remembered, I was coming off a solid 12-hour shave, the BBS with slight irritation that the GEM delivered yesterday. When you shave every day, consequences can extend to the next shave.

The determining skin examination for me, since recently, is a close approach to the mirror to assess the condition of the stratum corneum. And today, it was flawless, without chip or chap.

I don't know if I'll get 12 hours of smooth out of this, since my fingertips are picking up a few hairs under my jaw, but it's a damn fine shave. Maybe I won't screw the blade down tight after pass 1 tomorrow.

After that, it will be a battle for hearts and minds between the Rimei and the Merkur.

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