Stratum Corneum: "I'm Not Dead"

"Just a flesh wound!"

After farting in the general direction of my favorite YouTubers on the subject of exfoliation, and my own skin-hardening experience with Williams, I was lucky enough to stumble on a 2011 medical article that goes right to the heart of the matter. That non-innervated layer of skin that we're always messing with, the stratum corneum, should not actually be considered "dead" skin. It is vital to the organ at large, not only as a barrier, but as a signal transducer.
I haven't read the whole thing, but I'm totally down with the theme, and it's nice to read a history of progress in modern times, for a change.

Bring out your exfoliators...

My face was feeling great this morning, but still flaky as hell. I went with my boar brush and Stirling to clean it up, after a Noxzema preshave. Back to the Merkur. Smooth and beautiful! I hit it with pumpkin juice before the moisturizer, because it's still thin (and that feels really nice). Then it started to itch, so I went back and dabbed on some rosewater, which was effective. I hope to lay down some new layers of collagen and corneocytes before things get irritated again. [UPDATE: WARNING - this treatment seemed to raise small scars on my cheeks, actually worsening my skin texture. Don't do it!]

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