From Shaving to Overall Health and Economic Revitalization

My first cold of the year is finally relinquishing its seat on my face. Vitamin D is apparently no match for the germ pools in which I swim. I stockpile the night/day liquicap packs from Dollar Tree, but this time, I also used my bentonite for sinus irrigation, oral hygeine, and improved digestion. I'm starting to realize that, when it comes to applications of my shaving knowledge, my face is NOT the final frontier.

The most useful preparation I've found is to shake a kabuki brush over a cup of water, then swirl by moving the cup in a circular motion. It looks much thinner than the old Kaopectate, but it's the same idea. Kaolin is another kind of clay. People have been consuming clays in response to illness probably since they were more primitive animals.

But Kaopectate changed its formula to something more like Pepto-bismol, after I became an adult. You can almost hear the gears of the economy grinding, when you buy something as common as dirt. Isn't that kinda like switching to DE, though? I think this kind of mindful simplicity will turn out to be good for everyone, in the end. Even those who can't handle it, since demand for cartridges and Pepto-bismol will diminish.

There was an immediate reduction of inflammation in my gut, since I started drinking this deliberately dirty water. (What other animal drinks filtered water? Think about it.) I have to conclude that I was one of those with a "leaky gut," just as I was a person with "sensitive skin." The only other way you can feel like you've lost so much weight, so fast, is to take a giant dump. But better, because it lasts.

When your abdominal muscles are stretched thin over a mass of bloat, it's hard to think about doing sit-ups. But as sick as I've been recently, I find myself doing crunches in bed, just because I can. Hell, I might even wander into the meathead section of the gym, someday.

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