1 Weird Trick for a Comfortable Face

Throw in the towel! I moved on to Noxzema as a prospective match for my lavender KMF, and the 1904 Classic delivered its perfectly even, velvety CCS. NMF is holding at a thin, chipped condition; good enough for a shot of Skin Bracer. I immediately reached for the wet cloth to stop its penetration, of course, a maneuver I refer to as "backing off" the aftershave.

Moisturizer went on very thick, another good sign for my stratum corneum. But I remembered the oily feel of my skin yesterday (and I actually had put a drop of oil on as moisturizer, so that really isn't too remarkable of itself), and thought, why not back off the moisturizer, too? And that turned out to be perfect. My skin is dry to the touch, but not dry on the inside. Sufficiently replenished, but no tacky surface residue, as of oil or glycerin.

It's a kind of rinsing, that allows the skin to retain what it needs from the product you have applied, but without exceeding the bounds of usefulness. If you don't find this technique useful, your skin might be cheese, and good for you. I think the extent of most products usefulness is roughly the depth of the NMF.

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