GEM Micromatic Clog-Pruf Approved

SEs were prominent in YouTube's serving of shaving videos today, and I've been watching a couple ingrowns on my jaw; so it seemed like a good day to roll out the Micromatic. Its low-angle bias would surely keep the edge out of my follicles.

What I wasn't expecting was a BBS shave. I doctored my Noxzema with bentonite again for the preshave, and this time no ammonia was released, at least not enough to rise above the other strong vapors of Noxzema.  I think I used a little less today. I then went directly to Dove Expert Shave.

Putting blade to face, suddenly, new life was breathed into the early DE-SE rivalry; or at least, loud echoes could be heard. First pass was a little tuggy, in a good way, and safe, like loosening a Merkur 1904 Classic a little bit. Second pass ATG was more dicey than the DE, with nothing to tighten down. And third pass had me going after pickups with quite a lot of pressure relative to any DE, struggling to get the edge to reach under that super-defensive guard.

I did get a little irritation for that maneuver, but it was the slightest of burns: the one that appears soon after dry-down, and is completely addressed by pumpkin juice. The GEM may not be the ideal razor for me, but the shave proved to me, finally, that SE is fully capable. I will now have to approach a new blade in the Merkur with increased skepticism.

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