Whoomp! There It Is

I didn't want to write today, I wanted to read. Me and Doug Hansford -- the "Tag Team" of shaving? Whazzup? Bloggin' ain't easy, I know. I look forward to posts from others, too, a special few on my dashboard. Some have gone silent, and because I don't do well on, er, more social media, I'll never know why.

Might I run out of things to learn someday? I did totally call it on that Rimei blade: shave 23, and I find patches of missed hair at the jaw corners after a two-pass shave. I'm not dissappointed, though; I am triumphant. What an amazing run, and it points me right to where I want to go next, which is back to Personna, my favorite and the most similar blade in my experience.

But first, I'll see if I can extrapolate from a principle, lower exposure with increasing blade wear, and get another shave out of it with the Weishi. For science! Prediction: probably not. The natural pitch of the weishi may be a bit steeper than the Super Speed. But those jaw-corner hairs are the first to be missed because you can't back them up with skin. The effective stroke has got to be "nothing but hair," unless you're really scraping with a steep-angle, open blade.

Today's materials were aimed toward sowing some NMF (natural moisturizing factor). Skipped the oil and went straight to Kiss My Face, lathering up the hard way, on my face from zero water content. No astringent, which for me is a sort of glycerine disposal system -- after rinsing thoroughly, I simply applied 2/3 of a drop of shaving oil, the other third going to my blade. Finally, some pumpkin juice to get the party started in my basal layer.

These three words mean you're gettin' busy:  'Whoomp, there it is!'

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