Limbo Shave

In-laws and my folks were coming to join in the spoiling of my youngest child, Evan, who turned six this weekend. It was literally a weekend-long event, with treats on the last day of school, a takeover of the McDonald's on Saturday, and the family celebration today. My house was a wreck, as usual, and I didn't get around to shaving until ten minutes before.

KMF-VDH croap didn't respond well to a ten second load into a drip-shaken brush, giving me a bowl of thin lather. I could tell just how thin when rubbing it in for preshave, but opted to proceed, anyway. Tired of the cuts that seem to be accumulating as a result of blade loosening, and not seeing much growth, I remembered the last time I had thin lather, and focused on relaxing, with my blade safely tightened down.

I was rewarded with a wonderful crunching sound, something attributed to SE shaves, but which I have experienced more with the Weishi. I think it means I got the low angle I was looking for. Final result was near BBS, with some neck damage.

For the hell of it, I stopped it up with carbamide aftershave. As if my face were a fire and my skin's natural fluid the firemen, this shouted at them to get back in there! And it was perfectly soothing. I will have to monitor the ammonia reaction in the cloth used to back that off, but there was no residual smell on me, at least.

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