Thanks for a Good Shave

Perfection trial #2 follows a gentle 2-pass shave yesterday, WTG-XTG with nothing but Stirling. I switched the preparation strategy around and applied pumpkin juice upon rising. I made my pies, got the turkey going, then did an oil cleanse immediately before shaving, again with the Stirling, Rimei, Personna, Semogue. I didn't want to smell anything but dinner, so postshave was just alum and dilute vinegar. I think it's the first time I've tried dilute vinegar since I started minding hydration with a wet towel after everything. Still I saw some skin chipping.

I think it was the blade. The hair just kept coming, so that when I tried to skim as a fourth pass on water, it was hitting more than light resistance. Straight oil instead of emulsion seems to have made things slow to hydrate fully.

And yet, I preserved more flesh than my first attempt. It felt safe, too. It's a very good shave, visually and in terms of evenness, and I'm glad of it. I nailed the moustache, which the extra length seemed to help me catch. But it just isn't perfectly close.

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