All I Know Is Pain

My goodness, what a great shaver I am! From the worst cut ever received in September, to the worst burn ever received, this week. I got a good look at my skin last night, all leathery and completely exfoliated, with the deep scarring again visible next to the seborrheic keratosis on my cheek. (At least that last marker is getting smaller, thanks to Vitamin D oil.)

There was still plenty of pain, too, which I used to test the next pumpkin pop, the one squeezed from the flesh. It was surprisingly slimy. Extra slimy, in fact: I was able to smoothly spread the beard application all over my head and neck. It had a pretty strong smell, too, though pleasant, lacking a sour note that the "guts" carried. Interestingly, this preparation failed to soothe at all. It burned in an aftershave sort of way, and the skin glowed pink, indicating it was biologically active... but no relief. I had to fall back on my last resort, Psoriasis cream, just a little dab applied on top after the pumpkin dried down.

It occurred to me that the Vitamin A I was once prescribed for acne, back in the day (not sure which type, but I think Retinol) carried warnings against chemical burn. Maybe all this pumpkin wasn't a great idea. So this morning, when I awoke to still more pain, I tried to shut it down with Ivory and carbamide solution. The pain persisted.

I gave the "guts" pop another shot, and again, it soothed like first aid should. I conclude that the pumpkin parts synergize naturally. Unless you have acne, in which case the pulp alone might be interesting, or you're an accident-prone beginning shaver, looking for something like aloe, the juice for everyday shaving and anti-aging purposes should be extracted from whole pumpkins.

I'll still shave today, but I think I'll go for the Dove instead of the Stirling.

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