Millē Aspectūs

The first milestone! Veni, vidi... let's flip the screen, shall we? I remember considering titles and subtitles for this blog along the lines of, "A technical school for underprivileged, sensitive boys," as an affront to all the manly-man shaving sites, and an honest mission statement. I stuck to the classical education model in the end, though, because it pleases my sense of humor better. Blogger was also offering this lovely template, reminiscent of brick and ivy, for free.

But who ARE you? I can't tell much from this end, actually. Countries are represented below, and operating systems. I'll let your browsers remain a state secret; but just so you know, the Blogger tracking is gibberish to me, and not at all informative. (Entry from Google Play Store? How?) I at least know that all of the non-Android entries are not me, even if I haven't maintained my non-tracking cookie from the beginning. And I notice that the all-time numbers don't add up to 1000, so I guess that for some of you, stealth mode is working.

Don't worry, I won't be sending assasins if you go back to cartridges, or buy a $200 shaving brush. I assume that is why you guys never comment, as I am so very friendly and approachable.

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