Academy Shave

The brats were upon us early. I wasn't expecting a great shave, with a dull blade, but dull is as dull does, right? And I had the Weishi loaded... why not just use a squirt of Barbasol? Everybody knows you never go full commercial; I relied upon the blade alone to provide the bare minimum of dignity.

It was a performance worthy of recognition, sure enough. (Some call it, the Gillette Slide...) I did get quite a bit closer on the jaw corners, contrary to my prediction, with the razor chudding along at maximum drag and traction. (Shave, Forrest, shave!) I could see that the same area was slightly pinkened, or "blotchy" afterward, but it did not burn. I looked myopically for skin damage, and found none, despite having gone swimming last night. Finished with with water-only rinse and Dove SPF 15 moisturizer. Overkill for a drive to the Chinese buffet, but after swimming is the time when I would want a normal moisturizer.

The low exposure approach to worn blades was proven. Still, it didn't change the fact that the blade was done. Some of the missed stubble was redistributed to below the jaw, and the center of my face wasn't quite clean looking, though those areas were subjected to touch-ups on water, and fairly smooth. The Super Speed is simply better calibrated to my skin elasticity.

I think it's interesting that feeding my skin with KMF, and not following it with astringent, seemed to have a protective effect against chlorine. If I can remember, I'll wash with glycerin soap before getting in the pool next time. Like fighting fire with fire?

Life is like, a box of razor blades...

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