The Difference a Day Makes

I noted before the delayed effect of damage received when I shaved on hotel supplies, and am now compelled to do the same, after shaving with a shavette. It felt fine yesterday, but now that seems to have rather been a reflection of the Weishi's prior performance, or dare I suggest, even Barbasol? (Heavens, no.)

Well, I knew just what to do about this latest of late-onset burns: bring in the pumpkin pops! First up, the slimy one, made from the "guts." (And no, I never am going to look up the right word.) It was indeed very slimy, as expected, and seemed to be the fraction containing the entire complement of pumpkin smell, which was rather unpleasant in application. But, it faded fast upon drying, and no unmasking oil was necessary, given the irritated state of my face.

Best of all, it made me feel better right away. I have to wonder, though, if that's really significant. I mean, yes, I want to feel good; but does that mean I am being cured? Like the damage effect of shaving, the health effect of pumpkin juice could depend on a delayed reaction.

Doesn't matter, I guess, as both effects are good. (Unlike alcohol or alum.) Ideally, it would function like this stuff I have for wounded animals, EMT Gel hydrolyzed collagen. I totally use that veterinary product on myself, because it's the only thing that instantly terminates the stinging pain of skin splitting on knuckles or hangnails. (Smells ten times worse than pumpkin guts, unfortunately.) But it also helps the wounds heal.

Today, I only gave a couple hours to recovery, and shaved the whole mess off. Hurt like hell, and it wasn't my best work, but I'm not even going to think about it. I did my thing, with all my favorite stuff, and I expect I'll be back on track tomorrow. Excuse me, rather: I believe I am on the right track, now.

Every once in awhile, you read something like, "I like alum, but two days later..." I shudder to think how much this phenomenon, of healing that is more painful than the injury, has corrupted our efforts to communicate and learn.

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