Dweeb, Geek, Or Spaz?

I enjoyed an easygoing shave today, wherein I didn't configure anything to danger mode or touch anything up. Now that my boar brush and Stirling are friends, with the no-rinse philosophy, I discovered I could use the bristle contact to alert me when the lather was getting thin, as it penetrates with a clear sensation. Curious as to the meaning, I did not build it back up. Two passes left me just close and comfortable, looking good, but with palpable stubble pretty much everywhere.

You might say that today, for once, I shaved like one of the cool kids. In the school cafeteria of shaving, those are 60-year olds who can tolerate cartridges and bath soap. I would always have characterized myself as a geek, but halfway through shaving my cheeks, I noticed something. My face was not entirely relaxed. Maybe it's the Vitiamin D talking, but by focusing on the tone of my facial muscles, when I thought my face was already quite slack, I managed to make the razor catch more hair. Could I have actually been, all along, a geeky spaz shaver?

As I said, today's shave was unremarkable in terms of results. But, with a full preshave treatment and better lather, I wonder if the sort of biofeedback I experienced could be an alternative approach to the benefits I achieved with blade flex. Flexing the skin up ahead of the blade, instead of lowering the edge, theoretically will not produce the music-box effect of local edge deflection, but should give me the lower effective shaving angle with rigidity that I was hoping to explore via SE.

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