Vitamin D3 Shaving Oil

The LC NEW did what it was supposed to do yesterday afternoon, and I woke up with a long wait before the next shave. It was NOT a great shave, though: for the skin damage, while invisible and evenly distributed between roots and surface, detracted from the satisfaction of smoothness. I think rubbing it made it feel better, though, which was sort of lucky.

So I've got these two amazing, natural, practically free skin treatments which allow direct manipulation of the skin moisturization process in accordance with cutting edge dermatological research. Pumpkin juice I obtained through freeze decomposition, a novel discovery. Carbamide solution (fresh, clean-catch urine) of an origin with which I obviously still haven't become completely comfortable. I look awesome, feel awesome, and for the first time, am really on top of my skin care.

Still, the ideal shaving experience eludes me, and it is driving me mad. One evening long ago, I left KMF lather on my face while watching the beginning of "The Walking Dead," and the hair just popped off under the razor during the first commercial. But I couldn't reproduce the effect with time and lather alone. There was something about my hair that day. And then there were times after lawn mowing, when it seemed impossible to hurt my skin with the razor: the skin was so deep that the roots were unreachable. I just shaved until the blade went silent. I must synthesize these experiences!

A new lead follows my interest in vitamin supplements to where it meets a shaving-related reexamination of the gray, age-related growths on my face, known as seborrheic keratoses. A Livestrong article suggested that D3 supplements might erode the little buggers. When I investigated the source, however, I found a topical application had been used.

Last year, I was putting D3 in my tea sporadically, but recently I found the bottle rolling around, nearly full, at the back of my fridge, date expired (like most of my vitamins). First thing I did when I read this is dab some on my solarized skin spots. But I also considered: I can easily imagine myself consuming a pot of tea for an evening of zombies and internet (before becoming a "serious" blogger, -cough-). And isn't D3 a major benefit of being out in the sun, for example, mowing the lawn?

I've learned how to break the bonds between skin cells, and how to make membranes more permeable to water and glycerin; is cellular destruction the last piece of the puzzle? Could apoptosis bring a new porosity to the basal layers? Does creating more space there allow the hair roots to submerge?

This morning, I put a dose of the D3 in my Tang, and it made a blob on the surface, being a liquid preparation of a fat soluble vitamin. The recommended dose, 0.5 ml, is at least ten times the amount of shaving oil I would use to make a preshave emulsion. So I went ahead and used four drops as preshave at teatime, with baking soda as the aqueous solute.

No magic yet, but I won't be quick to judge. The thinness of the sunflower base suggested that Shave Secret is mostly sunflower, too. So, if this D3 thing pans out, I guess I'll soon have a new, dual-purpose shaving/toothbrushing oil, "with natural orange flavor."

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