DMV Shave

Not wanting to take any chances for my four-year license renewal, I kept with the Feather, now well broken in, in my 70's Super Speed, which easily surpasses Weishi as the preferred casual shaver. Synthetic brush and KMF-VDH croap provided the foolproof lather.

One pass with a mix of strokes brought out a new style around my mouth and chin, where I was going ATG-XTG (depending how you look at it, razor motion or skew direction, but never directly ATG). It wasn't like when I tried shaving with oil, though, because the WTG follow-up stroke was perfectly safe.

I think I've discovered a standard even lower than "socially acceptable": "bureaucratically accpetable."

Oh, I forgot: I used my little cup for baking soda, and felt a whole lot better about it.

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