The Dreaded, Included Blade

The Feather that cost me so much skin over the past couple weeks started sounding like tinfoil before it actually stopped cutting hair, which I term "foiling out." I didn't have any sense of what kind of edge my beard needed next. I didn't want any deep-digging in my follicles with a "smooth" brand. I just would have rather that the Feather had not bitten, and kept to the surface of my skin instead.

So I took a chance and opened a Rimei blade that was rattling around in the case I recently dug out of my closet. It has become my habit to store the razor in current use this way, in the "medicine cabinet" (which contains no medicine, but is installed on either side of the mirror in the wall over my sink). The edge looked very obtuse, with a relatively narrow visible band of grinding, but it cut hair. It was probably just what the doctor ordered, in fact, having no excavating reach. Even with two shims.

My lather was horribly thin, as I continued to hack toward a hair melting emulsion of pumpkin juice, homemade oil, and "carbamide solution." I got the same rubbery shaving substrate as last time, with a constant threat of blade skipping. But, unlike last time, I got a damn fine shave. I took three passes, but the third wasn't finding much of anything to cut. A few self-healing weepers were not unexpected, under the circumstances.

I'm thinking perhaps softening the hair brings out the worst in a very sharp blade, allowing it to zip up the hair cortex instead of cutting clean through. That would be a problem only for wiry hair like mine. I do advocate sharp blades for hair of large diameter.

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