Dad Gum Feather, Dang Ol' Pumpkin Where'n Sun Don't Shine

Boomhauer here, acknowledging that my writing is getting pretty lackadaisical... sorry, but still don't intend to edit much. Maybe I should be thinking about hibernation instead of my skin, eh? I shattered a small plastic bin at the market the other day because I forgot it was there, in front of my car.

Hypothermia might account for that one. Next Friday's market is cancelled; nobody wants to do that again. In other news, some numnut collided with the rear of a schoolbus yesterday and flipped it; thankfully it was empty, except for the driver, who was the farmer next to me at the flea market. (He's fine.) Even the punks on the street at 2 in the morning seem confused about whether to be noisy or not. Som'thin's in the air... harvest gone up in smoke? Fall version of mud season? I was going to try McAllister's today, but nobody was there; at least by the time I rolled in, at 11:30. I hope everyone's okay.

Nice to have a good shave at times like these. I kicked pumpkin juice out of today's routine and used it as an exfoliant before bedtime, as for people with ingrowns. That didn't hold anything back from a new Feather in RM2003 cutting head and Madhav Metal Industries travel handle. I shaved until the blade couldn't find anything -- too close, perhaps, but that Dove cream inspired confidence, and I wanted to impress the flatlanders. I lost another divot of lip, this time from my moustache. Ooh, that blade just does not suit me! At least I wasn't using shims this time, and it wasn't on much of a prominence.

My attention is still fixed on skin biochemistry, where I finally came upon some science to back up my intuitive assertion that glycerin explodes skin. SEE? SEE? lol
(Disregard the endorsement of cartridges -- go to the third Q.)

Now I just have to figure out what pumpkins have to do with it, but it might not be long before they have the research on that, too.

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