Leaning On The Bar

Of course I couldn't change one variable at a time, and chose this moment to peel a new Stirling Coconut. Glancing at the ingredients, I saw Sodium Lactate filling in for what I recall were once Sodium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate... which probably means I have been operating under a mistaken impression regarding the glycerine content for at least a year. It may also explain why I've seen fit to rotate lower quality soaps in its place lately.

Lathering up, it was certainly chemically active on yesterday's wounds, bringing that pain back to life quickly. The physical security I was looking for did not disappoint, however. A simple progression of mixed strokes WTG on pass 1 seemed both gentle and effective, with the handle unscrewed a quarter turn or so.  On pass 2, I squeezed out the brush, saving nothing, and tightened the blade down for a retrograde progression of slow, steep, ATG strokes.

As I hoped, even the well-broken in Rimei blade picked off hairs at low velocity like a new Lord Platinum in a Weishi. I did wet down the residue for some touch-ups, but forwent the usual skimming for immature hair. Even a baby's butt has some of those, right?

Feels great, looks great; I think one trial was enough to nail down the blade technique (two if you count yesterday). All that remains to be seen is whether I can maintain some NMF.

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