Tighten Up Now

Tonight my sugar momma is taking me out to a resort to mingle with her influential friends. I kinda wish I had thought to cut my hair a week ago, instead of today, but I am fully on top of the shaving situation.

Yesterday, I shut down my biologically active beard with an Ivory shave. And that was pretty darn close. And you know I just had to try it with carbamide solution: somehow I got it too thin, but the postshave was great. Ivory always makes me feel like I've regressed the skin to pre-adolescence. What the urea added was softness, so what threatened to be a tight feeling quickly relaxed, without any sense of excess hydration or oiliness.

This morning, that left me with velvet barely long enough to shave, but I hit it again with a close two-passes and touch-ups. Plain Arko (assuming minimal contamination), and no shaving oil, followed by a straight Florida Water splash and cold cloth soak. I might be able to find a hair rubbing around my neck, a few hours later, but that's as BBS as I ever get. Actually, I got a little too close, noticing a nick-ish neck weeper after the splash that needed styptic.

It'll have all day to heal before dinner.

I've concluded that the Rimei with its handle loosened emulates very well the blade-flexing behavior of the Long Feng DF-813, accounting for its first-pass success. And with a suitably smooth blade, the Rimei is a good finishing shaver for me, behaving like a TTO with a very sharp blade when I go slowly ATG.

So I guess it's goodbye to the shims, and all my other razors are now eligible for PIF. (Except that mint gold Tech, which my son will inherit.)

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