Brut Lovers Rejoice

My scent preference is fruity, and I think I have a devastating presence when layering my discount store eau de toilette in the newly discovered fashion. My wife likes classics, though. Old Spice isn't me at all, and English Leather and British Stirling aren't enough of a stretch for her. Brut and Skin Bracer are the common ground, and Brut is the farthest reach for me. I'm sure she'd rather I do some laundry, but this Sunday, in a feeble attempt to please her, I selected my Dollar General knock-off for the next stage in layering experiments: aftershaves and colognes.

When scenting my lather, not all EdTs have required the final addition of glycerin, luckily including my favorite for daily wear. But with this "Classic Splash After Shave," and the preceding blob of mineral oil, I saw my Williams lather very much enriched, an effect I was not expecting. No tendency to dry up and flake off if left too long, which even Tabac is known to exhibit, though this lather did not nearly approach that soap's remarkable cushioning. A quick reexamination of ingredients pointed to my old ally in the war on glycerin, propylene glycol.

I don't think Brut has made shaving soap since before I was born, though cream can still be found.

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