WTH, Erasmic?

Although the soap disappointed me severely at first, the sheer plainness of it assured it a place in the "rainbow of low-glycerin soaps," the colored travel snack cups for toddlers in which I store my favorite soaps. Its smell is just "soap," but in a different way than Williams -- those other (non Ivory) soaps you find in places like... I don't know... summer camp? They've been driven nearly extinct by pump dispensers nowadays. Not as stinky as hotel soaps, trying to impress you with various enrichments.

I gave it another chance this week, though, and it was on par with the other former sticks. I reached for it again today, when I had just taken a shower, and wanted a fragrance-free facial finish. And this time, I was really, really impressed. I had thought it might have been something residual in my boar brush, but this was two in a row greatness. I went back before this writing to try my synthetic.

UN-F-ING BELIEVABLE! That lather could absolutely pass for canned cream. This sells for sub-Williams prices in England? What the hell, Erasmic!? Put 12 of them in a box, and get that shit on Amazon! Why are we fucking around with Arko?! Are politicians screwing with you? Let me know. I'll write them a letter that will burn their ears off!

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