Flaxseed Extract

This has to be the easiest source of soluble fiber for DIY cosmetic purposes:
I got the idea from one of my kombucha comrades on G+, and a link to the technique from livestrong.com. I've tried substituting this fluid for water in the beverage, by mixing it with sweetened tea concentrate at bottling, but the result was unsatisfactory. Same as with chia seeds: the drink goes flat, but the fiber picks up an acidic zing, in this case manifesting as a sort of aftertaste. As a cocktail with commercial bottled juice and water, the vegetal taste is growing on me, though -- sort of a liquid form of cucumber.

Frozen into a cosmetic popsicle for experiments, it seems to accrue to "cushion" when applied as preshave, as might be expected from the interaction with an oily face like mine. It didn't do much for the lather itself, at least with Williams. If anything, it's in the vein of a Tabac or "BLACK extreme" (as Williams additive) feel, but the lather still wants to fade.

As I was incorporating this material into "My Best Tricks," the new disquisition, I saw an opportunity to take a stab at hair tonic: 10 ml Witch Hazel, 90 ml flaxseed extract, 20 ml pumpkin juice, IIRC. And then I thought: you know, all of those things ought to be good for sebaceous filaments on the nose as well. And it was! I see emulsification power with a sticky feel, but sufficiently slick for tool use. I'm giving it a shot as mouthwash (liquid toothpaste), too.

Maybe it's too late for my hair, which still looks wiry, though it is in fact fairly soft. Results at least as good as Eau de Quinine. I get the impression that if I had gotten on the tonic beverage and fiber bandwagon a few years ago, I might have slowed the aging process, and the hole in my fro-zone wouldn't be there at all. There is no hair in my comb lately, and I've noticed the darkening that is frequently reported with kombucha consumption. Not like the hair got younger, but like it's coloring itself -- an auto-Grecian effect? I'm all for it, whatever it is.

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