Date Night

My wife is taking the little man out for a show tonight. Accordingly, I expanded the shaving area to my neck and shoulders, even though this Baili platinum plus blade isn't dead yet. Actually, it delivered a DFS in the Tech, which kind of surprised me. No special prep -- though I gave Palmolive Classic the extra water and attention that I've been giving all my soaps lately, in the makeshift scuttle, nothing was added to face or lather.

The aggressive approach: Gillette slide all the way to start, except for the lowest neck, straight down; with extra diagonals from center out before the slickness dried in each region, thus determined. Second pass, light skewing and skimming ATG/XTG, skirting a threshold of traction. Third, let the razor off its leash with square ATG strokes and stiff leverage.

It's all about the traction threshold. I guess not having to worry about that is what makes slant and "hawk" style razors so impressive generally. And preferred blades, for that matter. At this point, though, I don't think my game can be changed.

I really enjoyed the "Classic" scent. My taste can hardly be trusted nowadays, though. I had to laugh the other day when I lathered Arko in my palm, and for a thoughtless second, actually appreciated the odor! Adding scents on top of Williams seems to have broken my olfactory sense: I was smelling something beyond the lemon Pledge, as I had sniffed around Williams' bug candle. The illusion did not hold long enough to break my identification of Duru Limon as KFC wet wipes, unfortunately.

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  1. That blading technique is shaping up into a nice pattern, now with a new Wilkinson Sword. What's nice is that the "cheek" region naturally stops at the buttress boundary, rather than the jawline. And the jaw corners become their own region because the lather would dry up otherwise.

    It's been a long time since I got an upgrade in pass efficiency. 2 passes is BBS, though I haven't quite hammered out the ATG. 1 pass is certainly a CCS.