Tech vs. Electric

No, this isn't a head-to-head comparison. More of a coming to grips with that pivotal moment in history, when Gramps gave up the DE and picked up the electric.

I didn't like the look of my face after my recent close shaves. I've been using a Baili platinum plus blade in various TTOs, because lower-angle razors pushed to the same closeness tended to bite, with this particular edge.

But there was always another play available: just keep the edge off the skin, don't allow it to gain traction. I softened the hair with pumpkin juice and apple pectin, and didn't worry about the skin. Switched to the Tech, and palm-lathered Williams. First pass did most of the job, visually; second evened it out XTG. Crema squeezed from the brush was applied to high-velocity ATG strokes, all well above the skin surface, but digging deep enough to remove shadows.

That approach yields a completely comfortable shave. The "velvety" shave my grandparents advocated. When you stroke downward, it's smooth; when you stroke against the grain, it catches, if not scratches, on an evenly-shorn carpet of whiskers. And for now, with this blade, I agree. I wonder if modern shavers get it. It's more than "socially acceptable," yet not exactly "close." Just close enough. I don't know... I guess "CCS" is a broad enough categorization to include what I'm saying.

But it's more than the result. Fast, safe, and effective. Efficient, though... having let the beard grow that far, it would have been awfully tempting just to skip the soap and water entirely, wouldn't it? Then, it was just a matter of the money. Or so it would seem. I myself can't shave successfully with an electric razor, because it plucks my neck and leaves sore bumps.

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