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It seems that historically, baking soda use started going south when DE shaving was just hitting its stride. All these stories of capitalism ruining our health are starting to run together in my mind...

I happen to have a nascent cold, since all the germs in our community have recently been reunited at the elementary school, so today I actually drank the boo-boo juice. Well, not my original boo-boo juice, which I think was contaminated with old rose-scented liquid soap from the pump bottle, and probably even more dilute. (This time I used a measuring spoon, and half a teaspoon seemed like more material than I expected.) The flavor, I recognized: same as when I got intravenous fluid in the emergency room, that time when they thought I had a heart attack. (I didn't; my clinic just didn't have a real doctor to read the EKG).

The only thing missing (besides the oxygen high, because I was on that, too) was a plastic-y taste, presumably from the vinyl bag it came in. You know how, when you make a pizza for the first time, you realize "cardboard box" isn't a natural pizza flavoring? That's how I felt in that moment. Do you know what blood and the ocean have in common? Relative salt concentrations, for one, because we evolved there -- but also bicarbonate buffering. So in the name of Marxism, I hereby reclaim fluid support!

It also occurred to me that dilution is the basis of homeopathy, that quack profession where they put tiny bit of poison in a pill and call it medicine. They sometimes, reportedly, dilute things to such a degree that there probably isn't even a single molecule of the substance in the dose, but those concoctions are considered the most potent. I'm not saying it isn't nuts. But what if the general idea were based on observations of something like baking soda? Maybe people in olden days were making poorly conceived poultices, like people today make exfoliating paste out of baking soda.

I think the point of the linked site is that baking soda cures cancer. It's all very interesting and plausible, to me. What I feel in my skin is metabolic shutdown, like shaving with Ivory, but relaxed health, like oil cleansing. I think baking soda is shutting down ester signals, like a hard reset on a malfunctioning computer, just as the lady blogger I linked yesterday was trying to suggest. "Detox," use oil if you need to, but let the skin figure out what it wants based on a clean reading. If there were cancer in a tissue, presumably it would then become the squeaky wheel for repair systems.

Already, I've had success squirting boo-boo juice on my scalp, before shampooing and conditioning normally. Two minutes, no more oil or flakes. For my cosmetic flaws, I hope it can draw stem cells to fill in atrophic scars. I'm just not sure whether I should be using it over the general area, or right on the spot. I'm thinking right on the spot, for now, since I have defined spots, and my skin is no longer very oily. This might be like feigning injury, if blood plasma does the same thing chemically. No blood supply to the epidermis, remember?

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