Sensitive Skin Is Acidosis

Whoa, whoa, whoa -- Acidic fruits and vegetables are "alkalizing"?

I love that article: no chemistry. The naysayer's review, by virtue of being an honest investigation, shed enough light on my sensitive-skin experience to ironically bring me to the opposite conclusion. According to this account, when I craved fruit and salad (and maybe the  onion, though the deep fry treatment is questionable), I was still "alkalizing." I've experienced something like that before, with vitamin supplements: you hit the right one, it brings natural incentive back into play. How easily they are muted! I also noticed my skin fired up the oil excretion again when, just as a matter of convenience, we got KFC last night. 

I finally found a decent summary at the reading level I'm accustomed to:

But when I was just screwing around, completely cognitively, with baking soda, it was relatively dumb luck that bicarbonate is the dead center of the acid-alkaline homeostatic mechanism. With all due respect to actual scientists, I think that is why bathroom researchers can sometimes intuit faster than the hard work and perilous biases of statistics-based research.

Not that I'm really gifted, but remember, my brain may have been altered by oxalic acid at a key stage of development!

Speaking of supplements, I wanted to share a link suggesting potassium bicarbonate in place of baking soda, but I've lost it, so I guess I'll just leave it to google. It was a smart review of a large assortment of dietary minerals. In short, I was already thinking toward increasing potassium and magnesium when I fell into this thread, and I know the extra sodium probably wouldn't be good for my wife, so that's the direction I'm probably going.

I can also drink vegetable juice like its going out of style. I got a new blender to play with, with some of my birthday money, and a bottle of aloe juice. I think I'm finally getting the upper hand on this hard-water living.

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