Devette Regrets

I took the absolute worst blade I have, a Chinese number that came with some fake Rimei or something, and put it in my Baili DEvette, a tech clone with no safety bars. Except two corners on one side, which make it milder toward the corners and allow it to rest on a countertop. Then I broke the blade in half and shaved with the Sedef. Both crappy shaves, with choppy strokes and lots of stubble remaining, but only the DEvette was dangerous.

Since I never previously recognized the low pitch restriction on straight razors, I now realize that I always mistakenly employed shavettes and devettes similarly: that is, always too steep with the shavette. Or at least, always scraping inappropriately at the upper limit of a low angle, pushing toward a cut.

I'd like to blame the message boards for that, with "30 degree" bullshit having become pretty much universal, at this point. I thought I was at a lower angle, and assumed it was the lowest angle, but it was not. This is where I was most contributory to the endemic stupidity. Lol -- try again. The truth is, I'm the one who invested in the DEvette concept. I'm the idiot. The idiot is me.

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