Back To School

I tried one more shavette shave, with my "Jifonli-cut" hair shaper blades. I don't know why; striking while the iron was hot, I guess. It felt a bit flimsy and ineffective compared to the Personna, stamped with ridges behind the edge, but at least it didn't bite. I'll never use those ten blades.

Maybe not even the remaining Personnas. With renewed appreciation for the range of pitch, leverage, and fine control that DE shaving offers, I selected Racer and Slim for my triumphant return. Ahhhh... night and DAY!

What is wrong with you, straight shavers? I'm doing the responsible thing, pitching my DEvettes in the garbage (well, I can always use a spare Tech top cap, I guess), and regarding the shavettes as purely retrospective, educational tools. Why do so many of you insist on living in the bronze age? Yes, even if I had to shave another person, I would choose DE... or one of those Daune DE folders, maybe. To be perfectly clear: DE is superior to every other method of shaving.

Pop Quiz

1. How often can you shave?

2. How many shaves before you have to sharpen or change the blade?

3. Is your shave smooth to the touch? Longer than three hours?

4. Does shaving hurt you in ANY way? Including financially?

Extra credit: Did you miss a spot?

1. Every day; 2. 10 - 40; 3. Yes; 4. No.

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