Mineral Oil Is Different

Thinking to recapture the low-angle shaving experience with a mainstream DE, I picked the most occlusive hydrocarbon in the arsenal, and it kinda stole the show. Following witch hazel "solution," the poor man's alternative to castor oil did a cracking job at cleansing, even when wiped off with a cold, wrung microfiber cloth.

It left the skin so surprisingly empty, in fact, that when I followed it with Italian Barber Sandalwood, it set up a dynamic of absorption, which I have come to suspect is the essence of "slickness." So, starting from a well-compacted, high tension-bearing state, the skin steadily gained moisture as the blade angle lifted, throughout the shave, which was kind of perfect.

Alum highlighted only some delayed tingle, down toward the sides of my neck. With the skin so intact, I felt safe in replenishing the moisture immediately, with Dollar Tree moisturizer. But steep pitch was underpowered, and the hair not especially soft, leaving light stubble around the jawline. Only to be felt when stroked the wrong way: a close, comfortable, and even enough shave. In practice, that result relied on discretion -- I could have dug for it, and broken skin. But I think it illustrates the low-angle bias of the Tech, and provides an especially stark characterization of the kind of prep that an open blade user would appreciate.

So rare, that things actually go as planned!

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