I Remember Now

I remember how it started
I can't remember yesterday
I just remember doing what they told me...

"Progressive metal" (Queensryche) might be a better reflection of the Slim attitude than some old sixties song of freedom. I do remember clearly why so many people have retreated to more ancient tools, because I peeled myself a nice burn yesterday. I was thinking of Racer as "pre-dulled," but that's definitely not correct.

Nothing for it but to keep it from being irritated by emerging hair! I opened the Slim up to 7-8-9 today, and let the edge slip more carefully into the follicles, this time. I tried a novel prep of coconut oil under Humphreys, then Stirling. Coconut oil smells so nice, and matched the soap... I still felt the burn of penetrating, glycerin-heavy lather, but in a way, that was a good thing, reminding me to be gentle. Hair was pretty soft, but my low and slow attack did leave some missed stubs.

I think this was my deceptive autumn skin hardening experience for the year. The shavettes got some pieces of me, but overall, my skin was rather numb and shell-like going into yesterday's shave. All the better to split open microscopically.

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