Personna Non Grata

I thought I'd give myself a treat with the old #1 setup, Personna (U.S.A) blade in Rimei "Mimi." It was too hard to get BBS, as many hairs were missed ATG, requiring dry touchups again. Ruby didn't do any better; and my Super Speed gave a close, velvety shave -- the kind where the hair is sticking straight up, and the skin feels powdery soft (the mildest case of distressed leather). It seems that the BBS addiction has chased me right out of my own preferences!

There was a ready answer in the closet, however, in the form of the Razorock Torsionshobel. It did a much better job with the still-fresh blade, and I got my BBS back with that and Tabac. A mention of English Leather Lime aftershave in a pseudonymous forum inspired me to put the zing in the powdery underlayer of fragrance, with a mixture of lemon and lime splashes. I slowed the burn by doing a moisturizer cream rinse first, having seen a couple transient weepers during the shave.

That's an old affiliation, me and Personna, and not easy to get over. I've made much of my affection for the razors in my medicine cabinet, but my first impulse was to put Mimi and Ruby in the closet, and declare myself a slant afficionado! But I know, this is how it goes with technical progress. My standards of closeness have turned a corner, and it's probably going to mean the opposite: switching to SS/chrome type blades generally.

For now, though, and apparently whenever I may decide to take a break and luxuriate, the slant is in the driver's seat. I noticed that Merkur clone handles are now available on Amazon for under $10 (with a certainly horrible cutting head attached).

I also had to laugh: it seems someone's been reading my blog! I do like to looks of that scuttle...

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  1. I only get a couple weeks from the old favorite blade now, shaving to BBS every day. Down from about a month. I'm sure it's not "dull"; just "skin-honed." :) But repeat strokes become uncomfortable, so I just can't do what I want to do.