Huerbo, a Huge Shavette

I got my goodies from China, and they were pretty interesting: a HUGE shavette for the "DD77" blade, and a fairly normal-size shavette for DE blades. I must have attributed the size difference to perspective, rather than scale. Something fishy about that picture. All I can say, is, "That was unexpected." Because I kinda like the big fella, who came pre-named: Huerbo. I managed to fit the spatula over my cheek for a few downstrokes, just to check if this might be the magic formula for shavette success. No: for me, it was worth switching back to the Rimei on the fly, even though my Shark blade has reached a state of wear that does not suit the razor.

Sedef, bottom; Huerbo, top
Sedef, top; Strong Leopard, bottom

The combination off-white plastic and dull grey steel remind me of old electronics from the 1980s. These are business machines, competing with Feather Artist Club for barbers. The Cloud blade certainly seems sharp and smooth. I dry shaved the outer edges of my monkey paws easily, and was in no danger of losing the angle on my cheek. But if the rounded holder of the competition holds any mechanical advantage, I did not detect any here. This might be the Tech to their Super Speed.

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