JAWS is Dead

Is it the sea, or the seafood, inspiring all these nautical themes? We had some god-awfully fried assorted garbage at a seaside family restaurant, Newick's, on our trip; then had to revive our tastebuds at a chain restaurant, the Weathervane, on the way home. Finally, last night I broiled some salmon that had been sitting in the fridge for a over a week, and smoked 'em both. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I wanted to try some razors from the reject bucket (a plastic ice-cream bucket under my sink) with my new lathering, and improved blading technique. I boldly persisted with another SS-class blade, the Cloud DE that came with my shavettes. It's super sharp, alright. Chinese Feather, I think I've seen it described as. In the NEW LC, it cut me a couple weepers in the gap approaching my moustache immediately. I'm going to sell that razor, I think.

The six-bladed wonder from Dollar Tree got the other half of my face, but only to the depth of the stratum corneum, and only in spots. The rubbing in of lather did have a good effect, suggesting that much of the damage I normally associate with cartridges is not strictly surface planing, but intrafollicular. Still couldn't get any closer, though: borderline CCS/DFS, depending on how hard you touch the skin as you rub ATG. Nice and even, at least.

I had loaded the Razorock JAWS, but the damn thing was obviously uneven, and in an enlightened moment, I tossed that cutting head right in the garbage. Any sense of its bulletin-board, YouTube hyped value has long faded; I felt no more compunction than I would throwing away a shitty pair of nail clippers, at this point.

The Cloud blade had some good shaves in Chaoying, but it is wearing down even faster than the Shark, and at less than a week, seems to be nearing the end in the Slim. Being essentially too sharp to approach my skin, I'm not getting any closer a shave than I did with the disposable, either.

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