Let It Grow

Easter was like summer at the seacoast this year. I rolled up my jeans and skipped stones in the surf, really just exfoliating my nasty feet. (But hey, they made it through the winter without a crack.) We're so run down, I think I'm just going to file a tax extension. Just as Vitamin D causes some cells to self-destruct, the gain in solar power seems to generalize into this annual process of affirmation, (which we landlocked folk call "mud season"), where the dead weight is lost, and we ask what remains: Do I really want to live another year? Of course, the f--ing brakes start grinding, at the point farthest form home. The kids were kickboxing each other in the back seats by the time we got back. Yeah, I guess I can kinda buy into the Freudian death-wish idea.

Worst of all, I got confused when everybody decided to pack their own bag, and failed to bring a razor! But, it gave me a chance to consider the BBS I left with in a new light, and I decided it wasn't any good. My face had been beaten into submission; given the extra day, you could see better that it needed to heal itself. A poor skin texture developed with the stubble. I couldn't skip the WHOLE day, of course, and shaved immediately after the kids were settled back in their own beds. I even used the same dull blade, one last time, for good measure. But the shave stopped with a light, skewed ATG pass and the Slim on "7," so I can start fresh tomorrow.

I recently posted a comments to /r/wicked_edge about oil cleansing, and glycerin soap doing for the dry skinned people, what oil does for me. But I never thought of why, until today. You know how, in the classic diagram of thermal expansion of a solid, the hole in the block expands with the material? Which is kind of counterintuitive: you might think that it would "swell" shut. Well, I definitely think of glycerin as something that swells and inflames, but that is not necessarily so for the cheddar-faces of the world. Their follicles may expand coincidentally around the hair, giving them the same kind of benefit as my rubbed in lather when it comes time to go ATG. 

Which only makes me curious again about how oil cleansing works for me. I think it removes crud from around the hair, and since my skin feels tightened afterward, I conceived it as stretching, caused by volume reduction. But wouldn't that close my pores?

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