Nice Shark, Shiny Shark: Part II

Ruby dispatched the remnant of factory edge remarkably well. I noticed one side couldn't reach anything, hair or skin, at one point, and I wasn't done. So I moved back to Mimi for the next shave. At this point, the glint of the edge showed a smooth, bullet-point profile, as I once saw in a diagram of a brand-new Astra SP. The shine was somewhat quieter, now, to my eye, and I picked up the clue printed on the flat, beneath "Super Stainless": "Super Chrome." So the glint I saw was polished steel -- steel with a high chromium content.

Could it cut hair? Yes -- with difficulty. It took a couple of repeat strokes to perform the reduction WTG, especially in the middle. But having gotten there, the result was excellent. Given the rough treatment, it was certainly tempting to stop!

ATG needed a lot of force, heightening the stabby sensations at the root. I expected a little burn to go along with that -- but none, drydown was calm as can be. Skin texture quite acceptable, no rougher than my forehead.

I'm not sure I personally will ever be a super blade milker, of the 100+ class. With my wiry hair (and I did have a shot of soluble fiber last night before bed, and a good oiling before the shave), the low angle just feels rough. I can do it, I can appreciate the result. I'm just not quite sold. NOW I can bring in the Slim.

Still, I think this solves the mystery. If you can find the right blade, and this kind of edge is good for you, you're in... like ferrocerium!

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