Knowledge Of Fruit

Poring over lists of things that are alkalizing, I saw apples were in the "moderately" category, and started my day with one, plus 4,000 IU Vitamin D3. The wife and kids picked a bushel of 'em recently, so I've been eating them two at a time, and liking how I feel. Given how slimy the crabapple pectin popsicle was, it occurred to me that I could rub the core on my skin for preshave, as I once had with a cucumber slice.

Some pulp was rubbed off by the stubble, but a little rinsing still left a nice, slimy film. As I was doing this, my mind again connected with memories of Gramps. I actually think he might have shown me the same thing, only it was so difficult for a 4-year old non-shaver to encode a memory of what would have appeared to be nonsense. The probabilities are so incredible that I myself don't trust the recollection, so take this one with a grain of salt -- or a whole pinch, which tastes pretty good on an apple.

But do try it, because it is an excellent preshave! I got effective hair softening AND a nice skin softening post shave effect.

My Williams just isn't lathering up right anymore, and I think it's because all the sodium salt has been dissolved over time, leaving the less soluble potassium fatty acid-ates, and the scum of other metal ions from my hard water. So for once  I am actually using it like a mug soap, lathering right in the cup, because there's no way to get too much soap in the brush anymore.

Speaking of brushes, that Baili bargain brush is so insubstantial that I'm almost sorry I recommended it. It reminds me of what I've read of Parker brushes, so I think the bar was set too low on a corporate basis. I should also report that my beautiful rose gold TTO is smelling like a cheap hoe, as an oxidized copper odor is emanating from the knob. But Ruby's quality shone brightly today, giving me a nice, close shave for a change.

I'm still totally enamored with the BD191 cutting head, at least. There is a slight chip mark in my swapped handle which shows that the play in blade loosening is about 1/3 turn, a huge difference from the 1/8 to 1/4 range cited for most razors of the type. Tightened down, I finished off its blade by using the razor to exfoliate my feet, which I've been neglecting a bit lately. When you take a Tech or a GEM to calluses, you can get a ribbon shaving of cornified skin. This razor just takes it off gradually, with a much more natural-looking, declamation-like effect.

I once said that women interested in dermaplaning might still find some use in modern cartridges, but I retract that position. This is the way to go for that, and it gives some insight into why the razor is so darn good for my skin.


  1. So much for making a habit of this:
    I confirm, apple cores are a myth, or at least, an over-generalization of the food prep that applies to cooking. (Don't be feeding me no apple crisp with cores in it!)

    If that impresses you, see also, from the same search results:

  2. So I tried banana peel next. My advice: only when ripe. Rubbing the unripe skin on my various fungus spots seemed to work about 20x better than any cream, though! This might be just the weapon I need to finish them off, inside and out.