BD191 Crazy Mild

I love it! The new BD191 heavy ZAMAK razor from Baili isn't a "clone" at all, but a clear continuation of Tech evolution. It gives me hope for humanity that the blade exhibits no flex at all, and seemed incapable of injury at any pitch, more like the Merkur 41C Old Type clone. Perhaps this razor could be unscrewed a fraction of a turn, same as the open comb, for greater first-pass efficiency. Unlike the Merkur, the effect continues through a wide range of operability, making it equally Weishi-like. It can even bear some pressure modulation, like the anchor style that this razor essentially makes obsolete.

My concern for the beginner then becomes, that with little immediate consequence for shaving at a moderate pitch, it might be difficult to learn how to shave correctly. It also seems unlikely that this new flagship, despite its visual cues, will ultimately alter the direction of current trends. It should serve to effectively relieve Merkur of that responsibility, for the mainstream. I wish this had been my first step toward luxury, instead of that screwed-up Maggard razor.

The metaphor I like to use for razors like this, is learning to drive with the family Buick. It may be a great all-around car, but you need a compact car to really figure out the physics of driving.

Driver's Ed

So, what you're going to do, here, is put the razor in gear with a slight unscrewing of the handle, about a quarter turn. (Much more secure than the 41C screw, looks like half a turn would be no problem.) Use your lateral blade guards, arcing vertically from the bar guard at the corners of the blade, as a visual gauge of blade exposure.

Now pretend you're shaving with a shavette, and pull your skin up at the sideburn, before pulling out with a low-angle, skewed stroke. Continue at a low angle, and maintain skin tension, through the first lathering, then tighten the handle down to shave against the grain, at least for now. (You can shave however you like when your skin gives you a license.)

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