All The Way With Chaoying

Since my skin felt just about perfect yesterday, I thought today would be a nice time to reset my sights on shaving perfection. Cured Witch Hazel set the foundation, followed by crabapple pectin and Noxzema with bentonite. I wanted Williams, but not the dregs left in my cup -- guess it's time to chuck that puck -- so went with Palmolive Classic.

A truly luxurious gel layer adhered to my skin throughout the shave; Charles Roberts would have been proud. I think I'm going to take this year's jack-o-lantern pieces and guts and process them as I would green apples, and see if I can extract some similar biopolymer.

"Chaoying" is the name of the final razor in my pretty, modern razor collection, for the BD191 with Schmidt R10 handle. Chinese names are not like Western names, Google revealed. This one means "surpass England," based on a government manufacturing initiative from the late fifties; "England" standing for Western manufacturing. I doubt Baili had anything to do with that, but with tongue in cheek, I proclaim: "mission accomplished."

I used Chaoying's blade loosening ability for greater exposure at the lowest and steepest angles of pitch, the first and final passes. But in the critical moderate angles of the second pass, which I shave skewed ATG/XTG to minimize traction, the blade was tight to the safety bar. Oh, and loose for skimming on the "hydroplastic envelope" (water pass), which is how I did the touch-ups for BBS. I saw one weeper right under my nose, where my attack was obviously interfered with by an enormous obstacle. Otherwise, perfect.

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